Full Moon

full moon
clouds part
birds silhouettes

Seasons change

The change of seasons has such a force

Stirs reflection to amend our course.

Some love spring time,others winter,

Still some love summer,and most praise fall.

In my world friend, I love them all.

Spirit renewed of time and change

The future before us,is ours to claim.

A life to live and a heart to roam

Here on Earth our only Home.






See the Trees

Trees are so inspiring for me

Pillars of Nature that live and breathe.

Have you seen Trees in the morning light ?

I never weary of that splendid  sight.

Bark and branches dark and light

Sunlight contrasts them as day and night.

Winters starkness enhances delight

No distractions just Trees and light.

Poetry reader may i suggest

See the Trees, at by behest.

Worst Fear

It abides in us all….,lurking  ever lurking,

waiting for that one moment,that one feeble excuse to

Roar out of its lair,bursting through the veneer  of

our illusions of tranquility and well being.

Blatantly,arrogantly,over powering our senses

Stationing it self above all thought.

We shudder,tremble,we CRY OUT, when at its worst,

WE AWAKE                 T L SHUFF

The Moment

Resting on yard bench

passing Bumble Bee, pauses ,hovers

                                                        face to  face 

                                              We share the moment.


                        Abandoned cold streets

                         Homeless in the  shelter 

                            No shoes on their feet.

Poetry of T L SHUFF

The Quest

  • Some say ” I can’t ,find the words “
  • The challenge is to great
  • For expressing our hearts cravings,
  • or horrendous fears at gate .
  • Surely words exist , sufficient for the role.
  • <l Insufficientses for Poets,on us they have no hold.

  • Compelling quest our passion, for Jewels that speak so pure,
  • Yes dignified and lofty, nobility of words
  • To satisfy our Hearts demands,
  • Our quest reaps joy and pain, 
  • we know our love of Poetry,
  • will never be in vain.   


  •                               Snow capped mountains gleem,
  •                                         Sailing on Mielkoi Bay 
  •                                        Whale breaches the sea .